Humphreys Concerts By The Bay Schedule

San Diego, CA

Catch Great Performances, Live in San Diego!

Located between Humphreys Restaurant and Humphreys Half Moon Inn, Humphreys Concerts By the Bay is a 1,400-seat outdoor venue that brings some of the biggest names in popular music to the San Diego area.  That includes a wide range of artists in 2019, and BigStub can help you find great tickets for any concert on the venue's current schedule!  Not only that, but because we'll update this page automatically to reflect the latest additions to the calendar, it will remain a valuable resource for all you music fans moving forwards as well.
So whether you're into the classic rock of the Beach Boys or the feminist folk of the Indigo Girls, the sunshine pop of Carley Rae Jepsen or the groundbreaking jazz of Herbie Hancock, we can help you experience it live in 2019.  Check out the current Humphreys Concerts By the Bay Schedule below to learn about these and more upcoming shows, visit regularly for the latest updates, and score your tickets from BigStub right away!