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Celtic Woman Tickets

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Celtic Woman are celebrating their 15th anniversary with their biggest show yet, one that will visit venues around the globe in the coming months.  And thanks to the Celtic Woman tickets from BigStub, you can experience it live at a venue near you soon!
If you love the mystery and beauty of traditional Irish folk music and want to see it combined with top-notch production values and an incredible, Broadway-influenced stage show, then this is the tour for you!  Unfortunately, you're not the only one who's fallen in love with their ethereal sound and bombastic live shows over the last decade and a half, and the competition for the best tickets is sure to get fierce.  But because you've come to BigStub, you're already a big step ahead of that competition.  Not only do we have great listings for all upcoming shows, but we've got them at all price points, too.  And because we'll automatically update this page to reflect any changes or additions to the schedule, we'll continue to be a must-visit resource for a long time to come!
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For more than a decade now, Celtic Woman have been mixing traditional Irish folk music, modern popular music, and an incredible stage show into one of the most popular live acts on either side of the Atlantic — and they're bringing it to stages across North America in 2021! Want to catch this Celtic Woman tour, live and in person? Then you're going to need some tickets from BigStub!
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