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Canadian hard rock monsters Nickelback are celebrating the 15th anniversary of the release of their best-selling record All the Right Reasons with a massive new tour, one that costars Stone Temple Pilots throughout, with Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown giving way to Switchfoot in mid-August! The post-grunge legends have a ton of tour dates and residency shows on their schedule, and they're making stops at venues all across the continent — including at a venue near you. It's sure to be the must-catch rock concert of the year, and that means the best tickets will sell out fast!
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So don't miss out on the hottest rock tour of the year, one featuring songs like "How You Remind Me," "Far Away," "Rockstar," and "Photograph." Check out the schedule below to learn more about upcoming performances, and get your set of Nickelback Tickets from BigStub right away.  Because if you don't, some other hard rock fan will!
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