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Primus Tickets

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Primus — the band that's been virtually synonymous with experimental rock for more than two decades now — are hitting the road on an exciting new tour of North America, and if you're a fan of classic albums like Sailing the Sea of Cheese and Pork Soda, then this is your chance to catch Les Claypool and company performing all their best cuts — as well as the music from their new record The Desaturating Seven — live and in concert! And thanks to BigStub, some amazing Primus tickets are just a click away, so you won't ahve to miss any of the fun.
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Legendary music critic Robert Christgau once called Primus "quite possibly the strangest top-10 band ever, and good for them."  Renowned for their oddball blend of heavy metal, '90s alt rock, funk, and Frank Zappa-style weirdness, the group may not have the string of hits that some of their more-famous contemporaries, but they continue to be one of the biggest draws on the music festival circuit.  That's no surprise, either; Les Claypool, Larry "Ler" LaLonde, and Tim "Herb" Alexander are all incredible musicians, and their boundless energy and puckish sense of humor make for an unforgettable live show.
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