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Find Sugar Man — Sixto Rodriguez LIVE in 2020!

Rediscovered in 2012 thanks to the Oscar-winning documentary Searching for Sugar Man, long-forgotten and recently revitalized singer-songwriter Sixto Rodriguez is picking up right where he left off back in the 1970s, and fans and newcomers alike will want to catch him live and in concert! If you don't already know the story, Sixto released a pair of excellent but commercially unsuccessful records in the early '70s and then faded into obscurity — except in South Africa, where fans turned his songs into anti-apartheid anthems, and made him more popular than Elvis.
It took decades, but his fans eventually tracked him down — and now he's one of the hottest tickets around. Still a powerful performer, he puts on an incredible show, and one you'll want to experience live at a venue near you.  And thanks to Sixto Rodriguez tickets from BigStub, now you can!
Your search for Sugarman is finally over, so don't miss your chance to experience the music from albums like Cold Fact and Coming from Reality performed live by this unique entertainer. Check out the tour schedule below to find out when he's coming to your city, and visit this site regularly — we'll update this page every time he adds a new show io his schedule, which makes it a great resource for now, and for the future, too.  And pick out your Rodriguez Tickets from BigStub today, before the best ones sell out!
Sixto Rodriguez has one of the best stories in popular music.  Born and raised in Detroit to working-class Mexican immigrants, Rodriguez was inspired by the struggles his community faced, channeling their hopes, fears, and loves into song.  Signed to a subsidiary of Buddah Records in 1970, he released a pair of records in the following years, neither of which performed well — at least not in the United States.  By the beginning of the next decade, Rodriguez had long since abandoned his musical aspirations, working in manual labor while remaining active in politics.  But unbeknownst to him, his albums were selling very well in South Africa, where a receptive audience responded strongly to his songs of hardship and protest.
Then, in 2012, a documentary crew followed two South African fans as they set out to substantiate rumors that Rodriguez had passed away.  The project resulted in the award-winning film Searching for Sugar Man, named after the singer's signature song, and brought him the long-awaited fame that he'd always deserved.  Since its 2012 release, Rodriguez has been back in the public eye, his work finally recognized and appreciated in his native country — and it's made him a perennial favorite on the touring circuit, too.
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