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Willie Nelson Tickets

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Singer, songwriter, and all-around country music legend Willie Nelson refuses to slow down, even as he hits his late-80s — and he's still got plenty of shows on his jam-packed schedule!  The Texas-born Nelson came up in the '50s writing songs for some of Nashville's top artists — Patsy Cline chief among them — but his solo career stalled out, frustrating him and eventually inspiring a self-imposed exile from "Music City."  By the '70s, though, the airwaves were more receptive to his genre-defying style of Americana, and his insistence on charting his own course and staying true to his unique vision made him first a star, and then a legend.
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There's stars, there's legends, and then there's Willie Nelson, the country musician who for more than 60 years has been defying expectations and releasing some of the most essential music in the American popular canon!  Willie first burst onto the scene when he wrote the song "Crazy" for Patsy Cline, who turned it into one of the most iconic songs of the 20th Century.  But Willie was never content to do things any way but his own, which is why he left Nashville after a string of unsuccessful solo endeavors, only to reemerge in his adopted home of Austin, TX a decade and a half later.

His preternatural crustiness, eclectic taste in music, and freewheeling sense of fun made him a natural fit for country music's burgeoning "outlaw" set, and by the 1970s, "Shotgun Willie" was one of the biggest stars in the genre.  Even now, as he enters his 80s, he remains among the most vital voices in American popular music, mixing jazz, soul, rock, and mainstream pop into his iconic sound.

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