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Dave's Back on Tour in 2024!

The G.O.A.T.? Well, if he’s not the greatest of all time, he’s certainly in the running. Sometimes a performer is firing on all cylinders on a certain night or a certain year and you feel lucky to have caught them at their best. In our opinion, Dave has been on fire for years. His observations about the crazy society we find ourselves in these days are simply revelatory, and he's ready to share his funniest and most controversial opinions with you on his latest tour.
This is an artist operating at a very rare level of excellence, and now you can see him performing his latest material live at a venue near you. Do yourself a favor and click on the links below for tickets to the 2024 Dave Chappelle tour. You’ll be glad you did!
It's not an exaggeration to call Dave Chappelle one of the most influential comedians of his generation - or the most popular. A product of the standup comedy boom of the 1990s, Chappelle really came into his own at the turn of the millennium, signing a deal to produce his own television show on Comedy Central. Chappelle's Show debuted in 2003, and quickly became one of the most popular programs on cable — until its creator walked away from a $50 million contract halfway through production on its third season.

Since 2006, Chappelle has kept a relatively low profile, which is why his new comeback tour is big news for his legions of fans — and lucky for you, BigStub is here to make sure you don't miss it. We're your source for the best tickets for any show, at every price level. Explore our site to learn more about the great stuff coming to you in 2024, and pick out your Dave Chappelle Tickets today!